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Be Patriotic. Report Smugglers or any suspicious activity to us:

Call: 09-4621597, 4621598, 4621599
E-mail: info@customs.gov.ng, paarhelpdesk@customs.gov.ng

Evil of Smuggling


What is Smuggling?

Smuggling means:

False declaration and concealment of goods.

Willful under-payment of Customs duties,

Trafficking in prohibited or restricted goods,

Use of unapproved routes and ports.

Forging of Custom documents.

Touting in Customs good and documents.

  • Smuggling is a worldwide problem and those who engage in it are considered economic saboteurs.
  • Smuggling is a destroyer of the economy
  • Smuggling robs the nation of her revenue hence affects provision of social services to entire community.
  • Smuggling can destroy your health through importation of expired, fake, and other drugs.
  • Smuggling paralyses our local industries
  • Smuggling is a drain on the foreign earnings of the nation.
  • Smuggling encourages acts of criminality that can lead to armed robbery and other heinous crimes.
  • Smuggling is an unpatriotic act that can lead you into jail.

Let us join hands together to build a strong, virile and-stable economy.

Be a good citizen, avoid smuggling, expose smugglers

Please call:
ACG (Federal Operation Unit)


Public Relations Officer
Nigeria Customs Service
Customs Headquarters

or mail

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