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Be Patriotic. Report Smugglers or any suspicious activity to us:

Call: 09-4621597, 4621598, 4621599
E-mail: info@customs.gov.ng, paarhelpdesk@customs.gov.ng


This section of our website is to helps you with Customs requirements if you are importing goods for:
  1. Commercial application, such as goods for use in your business, for re-sale or for distribution
  2. private use, for example gifts or other home-use goods

Ecowas Trade Liberation Scheme (ETLS)

For information on the importation of bulk items such as Rice, Sugar, Flour, Cement, etc. See Bulk Cargo Importation. You can also see Motor Vehicles for regulation guiding the importation of motor vehicles

To see the list of items classified as Industrial Machineries, see Concession on Industrial Machineries.

Smuggling is against the law. It also have potential evil on the economy of our great country - Nigeria. The stoppage of smuggling activity is for the benefit of everyone; it should also be a collective effort. See Evil of Smuggling for its hazardous effects. However there are some things you must know.

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