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Press Release

July 10th, 2008 Press Statement

The Nigeria Customs Service takes a major leap towards the attainment of 48-hour clearance of Goods as the Comptroller-General, Hamman Bello Ahmed unveils two new Internet Cafés dedicated to processing of Direct Traders Input (DTI) Declarations in Lagos.

The operation of DTI is part of efforts to bring all stakeholders involved in cargo clearance under one community where all processes are electronically-driven. It allows Importers or their Agents to access the Customs Asycuda Server and make their Declarations directly without being physically present at any Customs Port.

Presently, Importers and their Agents still throng the various Customs Processing Centres located in our ports to lodge their Declarations for Acceptance, Face Vet and Data Capture, a process that may take two full working days, before actual processing starts. Under DTI, the Declarations are transmitted electronically straight into the Customs Server in less than half an hour. Since the process of Face Vet will be eliminated, the server will only accept Declarations that are compliant with set rules and standards. Importers must therefore exercise due diligence and honesty in their Declarations to take maximum advantage of DTI.

Under the Current DTI Policy, five (5) Operators were licenced by the Customs to run the Cafes under close supervision. There are plans by the Customs Management to extend the gesture of DTI Licences to interest groups like the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Customs Agents Associations and Importers Group.

The operation of the DTI Cafés is part of a larger Customs Community Interconnectivity Project being pursued by the Comptroller-General of Customs. Other Community Members have been given a deadline of September 30th 2008 to inter-connect their operations with Customs. By that date, Customs will accept taxes made only by e-payment from its duty collecting Banks, while all off-port terminals must hook up to the Customs Asycuda Server before a Declaration will be accepted for processing.

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