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Responsibilities of the Importer  
  1. It shall be the duty of the importer to ensure that the supplier makes available the pro-forma invoice(s) in accordance with the imports procedure of the country. As a result, there must be no ambiguity in the description of the goods

  2. The importer shall also ensure that all the documents to be forwarded to the Authorized Dealer Bank are genuine and verifiable

  3. The importer shall ensure that Final Document are forwarded to the Authorized Dealer Bank by the Supplier before the arrival of the goods/consignment to facilitate quick clearance.

  4. All the requirements listed under the imports procedure must be complied with before documents are submitted to the Authorized Dealer Bank.

  5. Upon Registration of the e-Form "M" by NCS, the importer shall also advise the Supplier to arrange for the shipment of the goods.
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