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Destination Inspection

Pursuant to the Federal Government's decision for a seamless transfer of Destination Inspection Scheme for imports from the Scanning Service Providers (SSPs) to the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) with effect from 1st December 2013, robust guidelines, procedures and documentation regime shall be enthroned to enhance the integrity of the system.
b. Import Procedures
c. Responsibilities of Nigeria Customs Service
d. Responsibilities of the Importer
e. Responsibilities of the Suppliers
f. Responsibilities of Authorized Dealers Banks
g. Responsibilities of Shipping Lines/Other Carriers
h. Sanctions
i. Import duty payment
j. Documentation requirements for Import Payments under the DI Scheme
k. Documents to be Submitted by the Importer to the processing Bank After Clearance of Goods
l. Clearance Procedures (ASYCUDA++ Sites)
m. Clearance Procedures (ASYCUDA V.2.7 Sites) - phased out
n. Ehanced Customs Clearance Procedures
o. Import and Export Process Timelines
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