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Clearance Procedures (ASYCUDA V.2.7 Sites)  

The same procedures as in the ASYCUDA++ Sites shall be applied at all ASYCUDA V. 2.7 Sites, except for the following slight differences:

  1. The Risk Assessment Reports (RARs) will not be transmitted electronically; hardcopies of the RARs, nevertheless, will be received by the Verification & Query Seat.

  2. No selectivity can be triggered in ASYCUDA Ver. 2.7, thus lanes will be determined at the Verification & Query Seat based on the levels of risk advised by the Scanning Company in the RARs.

  3. Since most of the ASYCUDA Ver. 2.7 Sites will not have scanners in place at the beginning, then the declaration may be routed to Red and Green Lanes only.

  4. All physical inspection/ scanning findings will be recorded manually since ASYCUDA Ver. 2.7 does not have the "Inspection Report" facility as in ASYCUDA++.
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