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Call: 09-4621597, 4621598, 4621599
E-mail: info@customs.gov.ng, paarhelpdesk@customs.gov.ng

Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection - Enforcement and Drugs


This division is responsible for coordinating all Anti-smuggling activities including drug trafficking interdiction, Money laundering and other financial crimes in collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

It initiates Enforcement procedures based on requirements of other Divisions e.g. Enforcement of duties at the exit and Entry points, and clearance of passenger’s and baggage duties including rummaging of ships and aircrafts at al International Airports, Sea Ports and Border Stations as well as Anti-smuggling measures. The division is equally responsible  for initiating actions for the provisions of operational equipments and materials like patrol Boats, Surveillance Aircrafts, Patrol Vehicles, Uniform materials and Accoutrements, Arms and Ammunition. The division also enforces Para-military discipline within the Service


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