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Economic Relations, Research, Planning & Post-clearance (ERRP&P)


Considered as the "Think Tank" of the Nigeria Customs Service this division coordinates all Customs matters relating to Nigeria and other Customs Administrators World Wide and handles all matters emanating from World Customs Organisation (WCO).

It extracts, analyses, collates and disseminates useful information from documents received from WCO and other organizations, both National and International with a view to improving the Customs and Excise operations and methods. It is also responsible for matters relating to Customs from other International Organisations like WTO, UNCTAD, ECA, ECOSOC, IMCO, ICAO and IATA.

It deals with matters relating to such Economic groupings as Lake Chad Basin Commission, ECOWAS, West African Common Market, EEC, European Free Trade Area (FETA) and Joint Commission between Nigeria and such Countries like Benin, Niger, Chad, Senegal and Togo. This division is also responsible for organizing and attendance of various Seminars, Workshops and Conferences locally and abroad on behalf of the Service.

It is equally responsible for the preparation of Annual Revenue Estimate Projections for the Service, participation in Trade Fairs, development of the Service’s reference libraries Nation-Wide and preparation and updating of the Curriculum for Trainees and refresher Courses at Customs Training Colleges

This division also handles the post-clearing activities of all customs transactions to give the service a double-sure assurance that due diligence are followed to the maximum level.

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