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  1. Importer shall continue to pay an administrative charge of 1% of FOB value of all imports based on the exchange rate on the approved e-Form “M”.
  2. All imports shall continue to be assessed for duty at the C. I. F. value of the goods using the rate of exchange on the approved e-Form “M”.
  3. It shall be the duty of the importer’s bank through which the e-Form “M” was processed to collect the amount of import duty as assessed, if it is a Designated Bank. However, for e-Form “M” transactions processed by a non Designated Bank, payment of import duty shall be at any of the Designated Banks, while a copy of the duty payment receipt shall be made available to the processing bank by the importer.
  4. For transactions in respect of dutiable personal effects payment of duty can be made at any preferred Designated Bank.
  5. The Designated Bank will match printed assessment notice with the electronically received assessment notice for the Single Goods Declaration (SGD). If the information tallies, the bank will receive payments and issue a signed Bank receipt.
  6. The designated bank shall send an e-confirmation message to NCS acknowledging receipt of duty and taxes in respect of the SGD.
  7. All payments shall continue to be electronically transferred daily by Designated Banks to the respective pool accounts with CBN. Failing this will mean necessary sanction shall apply.

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