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CIFCFIN Seeks Collaboration With Nigeria Customs Service On Forensic Investigation in Nigeria

The Chartered Institute of Forensics and Certified Fraud Investigators of Nigeria has sought a cordial and better working relationship in the area of logistics and exchange of experty with the Nigeria Customs Service in the investigation of all types of crimes and fraud in the Country.

The President of the Institute and Chairman of the Council, Dr. Ilayusu Gashinbaki who led a delegation to Customs Headquarters in Abuja, affirmed that the visit is aimed at creating a formidable and sustainable relationship between the two establishments.

“We are here to introduce the institute to the NCS and to also appreciate the good work, Customs has been doing in terms of appreciable and remarkable height in revenue increase. We congratulate you on the huge success.”

“The Institute has been around for a while, but President Muhammad Buhari accented to the bill of CIFCFIN’s Charter on the 23rd of December, 2022. The signing of the law is the singular most important legislation signed in the Criminal Justice space within the past eight years of this administration. It signalled the foundation of Scientific Investigation activities going forward.”

“There are three components of the institute and are; the establishment of the Nigeria College of Forensic and Fraud Investigations, which will be responsible for training, certification, and professional development of law enforcement agencies. Forensic Laboratories will focus on forgery. Digital Forensic Laboratory which also will concentrate on the analysis of the entire cyberspace among others.” He stated.

In response, the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd) thanked the President and the Delegation for the timely visit, according to the CGC, the method of detecting crime must be digitalized as most of the crimes are been done digitally.

Col. Hameed Ali also noted that the Nigeria Customs Service has a forensic department and will need more support to build and train the Officers of the Service.

“We have to be part and parcel of your organisation, we have been training most of our Officers with regards to law enforcement from the military Police School, we will also make your college one of our most priorities in terms of training.”

“I will ask our Forensic Unit Head to synergise with you closely henceforth. We need a lot of things in terms of training and direction from you. We will explore whatever we can do to buttress our Unit to raise it to a great level.”He added.

The CG also referred to the arrest of a syndicate that specializes in cloning Customs documents in the Idiroko area of Ogun State, he said, is one of the biggest issues confronting the Service and he is hopeful, the synergy will help fight all kinds of fraud in Customs.

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