Grace period for additional goods recently placed on import prohibition under the 2005 fiscal policy measures.

  1. The attention of all Importers, Manufacturers, Bankers and the general public is hereby drawn to the list of additional goods placed on Import prohibition under the 2005 Fiscal Policy Measures
  2. In addition to the existing list, the new items placed under Import Prohibition are:
    1. Bird’s Egg
    2. Maize
    3. Cocoa Butter, Powder and Cakes
    4. Medicaments
    5. Disinfectants and Germicides
    6. Diaries
    7. Sanitary Wares of Plastics
    8. Greeting Cards
    9. Calendars
    10. Facial Tissue Towels and Sanitary articles
    11. Ladies Footware and Bags (Leather and Plastics)
    12. CKD Bicycles, Frames, Forks, Rims and Mudguards
    13. Electric Generator Sound-proof casing
    14. Hollow Glass Bottles of a capacity exceeding 150 mls (0.15 litres)
  3. To ensure a smooth transition and implementation of this order, the Federal Government of Nigeria has granted a grace period of 90 days for the clearance of the affected goods from the ports. This grace period which expires on Thursday the 30th of June 2005 is to enable all importers who have opened a “FormM” and must have entered into irrevocable trade agreements BEFORE the ban order to complete documentation and clearance of the goods out of the ports at the prevailing Import Duty Rates by the end of the grace period
  4. It must however be emphasized that the Grace Period is Strictly for clearance of goods and NOT for opening of fresh Letters of Credit. Importers are hereby warned that no request for clearance of goods for which letters of credits were opened during the grace period would be tolerated. In addition, importers are to note that these goods shall become banned from the date irrespective of when the letters of credit were opened or when trade agreements were reached, and shall be liable to seizure. Therefore, any good affected by the ban not cleared out of Customs control by 30th June 2005, will be seized and forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria

Deputy Comptroller General 
(Tariff & Trade) 
For: Comptroller-General of Customs

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