A special operation to be coordinated by Hamman Bello Ahmed has been inaugurated.

  1. Following the increasing wave of seizures of prohibited goods released from Apapa Ports and the desperate attempts by some unscrupulous Importers to remove large number of containers of contraband from the same port, the Nigeria Customs Service has directed a special operation to restore sanity in the port and ensure strict implementation of Government Fiscal Policies
  2. The special operation will be coordinated by Hamman Bello Ahmed, the Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs in charge of Investigation and Inspection, Customs Headquarters, Leading a team of 28 officers
  3. The term of reference of the team includes:
    1. Identifying and seizing all containers whose Importation /Exportation contravenes Government Fiscal Policies and frame charges against the importer /exporters of such goods, accordingly
    2. Enforcing due process in Customs Clearing in accordance with the extant import and export clearance procedure
    3. Re-establishing proper accounting, legal, warehousing and general enforcement procedure in Apapa Port
    4. Identifying officers who have served in the port for more than 2 years, or for two or more times in last six years, or those whose continued presence constitute impediments to the implementation of Government’s fiscal policy and reforms agenda
    5. Identifying Customs Units without proper authorization operating in the ports and reporting them for appropriate sanction
    6. Submitting weekly report of activities of the team to the Comptroller-General of Customs
  4. All Importers, Exporters, Customs Agents and other port users are enjoined to cooperate with the team to ensure speedy restoration of sanity and clearance of goods in accordance with laid down rules and procedures
  5. It must also be emphasized that those who are engaged in legitimate importations have nothing to fear as every effort will be made to ensure that innocent importers do not suffer any undue delay while the operation lasts



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