The second bidding period of Monday 10th to 12noon Wednesday July 2017 recorded 115 winners. 

Even though the second round showed improvement over the first which produced 43 winners, the Service discovered from the bidding pattern and collated complaints from Stakeholders that the system is being abused by some fraudulent persons. Some bidders were discovered to have made outrageous bidding for some items put up for auction in a bid to scare other bidders away. This act makes it possible for such fraudulent bidders to make the items available for the second highest bidder, who they may have connived with. 

Consequently, the system will be reprogrammed to jettison the second highest bidder to claim the item. Going forward, once the winner fails to pay within 5 working days, the item automatically reverts for re-uploading and fresh bidding. 
Interestingly, the system is recording the identities of these fraudulent bidders through submitted information from the Tax Identification Numbers (TIN). Such numbers will be deactivated as well as blocked from any further transaction with NCS. 

While those fraudulent bidders risk prosecution, genuine bidders are assured of the Service determination to ensure the success of the online auction process. 
To achieve this, NCS will continue to fine tune the process as we progress. 
So far a total 2001 bidders have registered with 1,919 enable. 

The Service congratulates all those winners who have paid and collected their vehicles already and looks forward to promptly release more won items to winners. 

Joseph Attah 

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